Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Why You Will Come To The Show This Sunday

Posted by Trott

Sure, you can come to 12 Galaxies (Mission St. near 22nd St.) to see Palace Family Steak House; the Slow Poisoner; and our friend from Denton, Texas, Warren Jackson Hearne.

But more likely, you're wavering on this one because you have to go to work on Monday.

Well, waver no more! Get ready to call in sick! Because this Sunday night, at 12 Galaxies with us--ONE NIGHT ONLY--from Pennsylvania...MY PARENTS!

My mother doesn't know it yet, but she'll be the one wearing a foam rubber steak suit.

Details on the evening's events:

And remember: If my retiree parents can rock out on a Sunday night, so can you.

Show starts at 8:30pm with the Slow Poisoner, and Palace Family Steak House is scheduled to go on at 10:30pm. See you there.


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