Sunday, October 08, 2006


Posted by Trott

It's the Slow Poisoner's birthday! It's PFSH fan and friend Wibaux County's birthday! It's also the birthday of Ted, aka the "SF Party Party" guy!

The usual cameraperson for FBO Wants To Know is unavailable for the next scheduled shoot. If you want to experience all the hand-held digital video glory of being the cameraperson on-location in downtown San Francisco, please send me an email. (Use the Contact Us link on the right hand side of the Palace Family Steak House site.)

Meanwhile, the gods of scheduling are frowning on me! A couple of friends got engaged and they're throwing an engagement party on Saturday night. That conflicts with seeing Johnstown at Hotel Utah that night. Johnstown has not one, not two, but three PFSH drummers in it!

Wait! This is easy. I'm going to the engagement party and skipping the band. Bands are stupid!

So, yesterday, I got paged into work. (Sucked!) Then I laid around all afternoon with a bunch of friends in Dolores Park. (Awesome!). Then I played Guitar Hero and ate pizza with the same bunch of friends at a residence that overlooks the city from Kite Hill. (Awesome part 2!) Guitar Hero, by the way, is slightly more addictive than crack cocaine. I missed the Slow Poisoner's show last night because of all this, but in my defense, a couple of these friends were visiting from New Zealand and who knows when I'll get the opportunity to see them again???!!!

Somewhere in the middle of all that, someone quoted "Charlie the Unicorn" and I had no idea what they were talking about. I'm wondering if I'm the last person on the planet to see it. (Mark my words, kids, this YouTube thing is going to really catch on someday!)

Really, you PFSH comment people have to keep me more informed or something.


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