Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Posted by Trott


A tablehopper reader wrote in to tell me the famed green-glowin' steakhouse in the Mission, yes the historic ~PALACE STEAK HOUSE~, will be closing at the end of July, after 40 years in business. No more steak dinners on plastic trays and garlic bread and booths and free parking. Man. When I get a chance to investigate more I'll report back. 3047 Mission St. at 26th St., 415-647-2011.

I believe the site originally said PALACE FAMILY STEAK HOUSE.


 beckyz said...

I live on the east coast and don't eat red meat at all, yet I am saddened by this. why?

7:03 AM, July 06, 2008
 Trott said...

Because now you must face the cruel reality that you will never have one of their garden burgers!

9:18 AM, July 06, 2008
 Anonymous said...

I think the on going joke is that the palace steak house has been closing for 40 years.

8:17 AM, July 09, 2008

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