Sunday, March 30, 2008

Joy Of Cooking Update: Eggnog In July

Posted by Trott

Until recently, I did not know about this other Joy of Cooking blog/project!

Looks like the blogger didn't finish every recipe. There appear to be recipes in the 1997 edition that are not on that site (e.g., Spiced Tea). They also stopped posting in November of last year. So, I'm thinking they've abandoned the project.

I don't actually ever expect to finish myself. But I also didn't expect to find someone else doing the same damned thing. Now I have to rethink everything!

I do have the additional self-imposed constraint that I'm cooking everything in
the order that it appears in the book. This other person skips around to appropriate recipes as needed. Me? I'll be having two different types of eggnog in July, the way things are going.



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