Sunday, October 12, 2008

Joy Of Cooking Update: Cooked Eggnog

Posted by Trott

There was a bit of an egg confluence over at the Trott household. Cooked Eggnog was the next recipe for me to make out of The Joy of Cooking. And Humuhumu had entered an egg-based recipe in the Forbidden Island drink contest.

With these eggy beverages at our disposal, it was time for Salmonellapalooza. We invited a some friends over and served these drinks. A good time was had by all and only two people got sick!

I made three variants of the eggnog. One was spiked with dark rum, and the other two were alcohol-free flavored with vanilla for one and coffee for the other. All three were delicious. And Humu's Hair of the Mongoose was an even bigger hit. No duds at all that night!

I goofed and forgot to take a photo before all the eggnog was consumed. So, no pretty picture for this post.

We were hoping Mr. Underhill Lounge would make an appearance and whip up the egg-based Eye-Opener Cocktail. Alas, he and Mrs. Underhill Lounge had tickets to see David Byrne performing that night.



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