Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Joy of Cooking Update: Sour Cream-Based Dips

Posted by Trott

Anyone who knows me knows that I generally dislike white creamy foods. Mayonnaise in particular makes me want to lose my lunch.

One of the motivations for going through The Joy of Cooking recipe-by-recipe in order is to learn to appreciate foods I might not normally try to appreciate. By spending a week making and eating sour cream dips, surely I could come to love—or at least not despise—sour cream dips.

Well, I certainly learned to not despise them. But I don't love them. The ones that had no mayonnaise were easier to take than the ones that did.

The clam dip seemed to go over well at a work function even though I skimped on the clams.

The shrimp dip calls for chili sauce. The previous edition of The Joy of Cooking had a recipe for chili sauce that was basically ketchup with some extra stuff. It wasn't spicy. I figured they couldn't mean that. So I went to the other extreme and used Sriracha. I figured the shrimp dip recipe looked so bad that overwhelming it with spice could only make it more palatable. I'm still not sure if I was correct. I posted to Twitter and Facebook and had my friend Leslie take the shrimp dip off my hands. She has eaten two bites or so thus far. I anticipate the rest of it will end up in the compost bin.

The red onion dip and the Becker sour cream dip have been my favorites. This is because of what they do not have (mayonnaise, shellfish) more than anything that they do have.



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