Sunday, October 22, 2006

Uniquely Oddball

Posted by Trott

From the San Francisco Chronicle:
For years, the Slow Poisoners haunted the local scene, but their numbers mysteriously dwindled, and the act went from a full band to a trio to a duo to, for the past couple of years now, a one-man band called the Slow Poisoner. Still, Andrew Goldfarb's blend of humor, creepiness, traditional sounds and modern rock remains as strong and peculiar as ever. He shares the bill at his annual Halloween-season show with uniquely oddball acts Palace Family Steak House, Pr0nstar and Warren Teagarden. 9 p.m $6. Hotel Utah, 500 Fourth St., San Francisco. (415) 546-6300.

Obligatory comment fodder: I finally tried that new-ish Southern Indian restaurant on Valencia Street called Dosa. It was very good and very different from the Indian and Pakistani food I've had anywhere else. There weren't enough flags or political memorabilia, though. They could use some interior design help from Palace Steak House.


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