Monday, April 14, 2008

Joy Of Cooking Update: Sangría

Posted by Trott

Photo by Humuhumu
For this recipe, I purchased sustainably-farmed wine from Spain at Rainbow Grocery. Somehow, that seems worth mentioning, although I'm not sure if I can put my finger on why. Is it the sustainable farming part? The from-Spain part? The Rainbow Grocery part?

The Joy of Cooking sangría seemed a little bit on the sweet side. This makes it astoundingly dry by the standards I have come to expect from the punches in the book.

I didn't have a pitcher large enough to hold the volume of sangría that the recipe yields, so I put it in a soup tureen. I brought the sangría to a potluck dinner party at Kesha's place. Kesha, incidentally, is completely awesome and not at all the unadventurous person I made her out to be in the last post where I mentioned her.
She totally rules and I hope that she doesn't completely kick my ass for mentioning her in a post again. Oh, and everything she makes for dinner parties always completely rocks.

Amazingly, all the sangría was consumed. This was a first for the punch section of The Joy of Cooking. For that reason alone, the recipe was an astounding success.

Photo by Humuhumu



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