Monday, May 05, 2008

Joy Of Cooking Update: Planter's Punch

Posted by Trott

Photo by Humuhumu
The Planter's Punch was a hit at Kesha's awesome dinner party. I'm starting to get the hang of these Joy of Cooking punches so I know, for example, to go easy on the simple syrup. Humuhumu's party fountain and my brand new ice crusher helped too. The presentation made the whole thing a spectacle.

The animal-themed sippy cups that I served the punch in didn't hurt either.

The ice crusher is brilliant. It's a Waring Pro; every time I look at it, I misread it as a Warning Pro. Unfortunately, despite its many positive attributes, the ice crusher is very nearly deserving of its own "Things That Suck" post. The beautiful clean look of the brushed steel and flawlessly clear plastic was marred by an obnoxious far-too-adhesive sticker. The sticker bragged about the great features of the appliance. Removing it naturally took far too much time and scuffed up the plastic. I would like to say to the person whose idea it was to put that sticker on there: I already bought the thing, Einstein, so I don't need advertising in my own kitchen telling me how essential and amazing it is.

Photo by Humuhumu



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