Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Where Is The Paris Style Outrage?

Posted by Al Pastor

Your Gambling Poet is pissed off, the kind of pissed off I usually reserve for cyclists who ride on the sidewalk and people who are assholes to the waitstaff. Now, normally, I try not to think too much about politics, and the administration and what have you, cause that can lead to a permanent state of pissed off like this, and frankly, the life of a Gambling Poet is a little too short to walk around scowling all the time and punching holes in the sheetrock like C Box Daddy on the Clear.

But, where is the Paris Hilton style outrage after the president commutes his buddy's sentence? I realize that Scooter is not a mentally-challenged skank like Paris, and therefore is less deserving of our wrath, and he wasn't driving on a suspended license, so maybe I should lighten up on him.

Isn't this, what Libby did, like, treason? I am not a lawyer or anything, but it seems inconsistent (here is my problem, I still look for logical consistency from the administration) that I am undermining the troops' mission when I question the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and Iran and whether torture and coercion are viable tactics but the vice president (I wish Dick Cheney and I belonged to the same boxing gym, because I want to hit that sonofabitch), through his buddy Scooter, can disclose the identity of an American undercover operative. I will point out that this not only endangered her life, but got who knows how many of her associates in these countries into suspicious accidents or secret prisons.

I am, in fact, a little surprised by the pardon, er, commutation. Not that it is below these boys to pull shitty, unethical maneuvers like this, but because they seem like the kind of guys who who try to skip out on the back end money, the kind of guys you want to get paid up front with.

P.S. For a "limited time" the Bi-Rite Market has a Reuben on their sandwich menu. It is RIGHTEOUS.



 c box d said...

writing from the box daddy headquarters in montpellier, France (really...the day is sunny with en peu du vent...i had the andouillette avec un sauce moutarde for dejeuner...not bad)....but i digress...

i agree...about libby

this is so far off the map of reasonable that it is a travesty to even discuss it as reasonable...it's like debating the propriety of the some obscure codicile in the nuremberg laws...

gp is, yet again, our semi-lone voice of wisdom

6:32 AM, July 10, 2007
 Anonymous said...

The answer to your question is, no, what Libby did is not, like, treason.

9:21 PM, July 11, 2007
 The Gambling Poet said...

Mere douchebaggery? Grand rat bastardry? Is it as bad as when Geraldo gave away troop position back before we won the war? Do I still get to hit Dick Cheney?

8:43 AM, July 12, 2007
 Anonymous said...

I think the specific mistake you're making here is that you think Scooter Libby was the source for the original Robert Novak column which broke the story that it had been Valerie Plame who had recommended to send her husband to Niger. That person was Richard Armitage, who had also given the same information to Bob Woodward. No charges have been brought.

10:00 AM, July 12, 2007

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