Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Egg Cream Abomination

Posted by Trott

Here are my latest reflections from my effort to cook through every recipe in the 2006 edition of The Joy Of Cooking in the order that they appear.

As a child, I was horrified when my father asked me if I wanted an egg cream soda. An egg and cream flavoured soda?! Disgusting!

Of course, it turned out that the soda was not egg and cream flavoured. It was much worse than that. It was chocolate milk to which carbonated water was added. Appalling.

Had I known what the state Division of Youth and Family Services was, I would have placed a call.

Sadly, the Egg Cream was the next recipe from The Joy Of Cooking for me to make several nights ago. It tasted exactly like one might expect. I took two sips and poured the rest down the drain.

Iced Chocolate (page 37) made with Brazilian Chocolate (page 36) is good, but is made even better by the addition of booze.



 Nick said...

What are you, high on dope-flavored crack? Or crack-flavored dope? You can't judge a great drink like an egg cream based on your home-brewed concoction. You really should just head straight to the Gem Spa on the corner of 2nd Avenue and St. Marks Place. Barring that, you should find someplace that serves egg creams in the Bay Area, like Saul's Deli in Berkeley or one of the east coast-style delis in the city.

7:06 PM, June 06, 2007

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