Saturday, May 26, 2007

notes from the underground

Posted by Al Pastor

Staying away from the Oaks Club lately. Owning a car has been sucking up most of my gambling money. It's a sucker play I won't be making for much longer. I have been playing online some. A lot to be said for it. It is cheap and the potential payouts are sweet; I can do it in Ritual or at home not wearing pants; I can play HORSE (google it or email me for extrapolation); and it is illegal, which just makes it better. Not that I won't be back at the Oaks Club as soon as I have some bankroll.

And while I haven't been doing as much gambling, I have been doing a little bit of poeting (and prosing for that matter). Here is one.

Send me Preakness picks, and send them fast. I know Street Smarts, but I need exacta picks that are going to pay something. Your Gambling Poet Don't know shit about the ponies, except they sure are pretty.

JARMUSCH, this is not a haiku

Dead Man is his
Citizen Kane
but Stranger Than
Paradise is his
Touch Of Evil.



 Anonymous said...

gp #1

8:04 PM, May 29, 2007
 chuck fondella said...

I believe that gambling p should be designated the "heart and soul" of PFSH and I further suggest that he be celebrated in the best way possible...

8:06 PM, May 29, 2007

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