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Posted by Trott


 Charles BOX Daddy said...

As one of the voices of "old school" PFSH, I would lodge a relatively mild, yet substantive demurral on the recent trend toward what I would call "excessively goofy" qualities on the web site. From the steak incorporation in the logo, to the play doh guy, to the mutliple Uncle Ben's -- I'm sensing that the ship of PFSH state has drifted a tad too far into the "look at how kooky I am" zone.

My feeling is that the beautiful absurdity of PFSH requires a vigliant process of precise recalibration that maintains the ethos of misguided seriousness and abject stupidity in close contact. Neither can take the lead for too long...

THe humble refelctions of one Charles BOX Daddy

11:18 AM, June 02, 2007
 Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

9:00 AM, June 05, 2007
 Stephen said...

Dear Charles Box Daddy,

Just so you know, Rich is not responsible for the "play doh guy" flyer, I am.

12:51 PM, June 05, 2007
 Anu said...

The Steak House belongs to those who currently live in it...we do not hew to long-forgotten "ideals" touted by the Boomers, the Whigs, the Cavemen, or carpetbaggers who fled when the going got tough (as tough, say, as a well-done brisket).

From time to time, we review the letters in our mailbag and consider "are we maintaining the true esprit de steak. When we see outrage from those who have come before and/or indifference from everyone else, we know that we are on the right track!

9:51 PM, June 06, 2007
 CBD said...

I must is profoundly unwise to seek combat on this territory with Charles BOX Daddy...I will try to restrain myself.

First off: Yeah, maybe.

I kind of like the fact that according to this logic this person hangs out waiting for other people to build him/her an edifice and then he/she runs in and throws up a new set of drapes and claims "It's all mine! I Don't Care Who Imagined IT and Build IT and Made IT Come into Being! Screw Them!"

Yeah, that's a great attitude. It's not like I attacked anybody...just made my opinion known because I am always a guardian of Mr. Trott's Ideals and Treasures. He is free to ignore my opinion.

Assuming Lloyd Bentsen pose: "Anu, I know Mr. Trott. Mr. Trott is a friend of Mine. And, you ANU, are NO Mr. Trott." That has it's upside of course...

And I have no doubt when it comes to Trottophilia and True Patreiot Love for PFSH, this person is a mixed-up neophyte...and, moreover, does this person even know The Gambling Poet? I doubt it.

That alone, makes this sort of dismissive missive a poor joke...a travesty to the memory of GNABO and Tested: Jerry and Palmdale's Freedonian All-Stars-- all things that Anu has never heard of.

And -- worst of all -- he doesn't even care. Shias, Sunnis -- bah -- I don't need to know these pesky details -- I live in the Steakhouse's ALL MINE.

Moreover, how did this guy get into the PFSH mailroom in the first place? Is this some kind of Hudsucker Proxy event?

Sadly, Anu, one cannot recreate the past dear friend, nor can one chuck out the precedents of past greatness -- that is, unless your name is George W. Bush. Great is Great and Ignorance is Ignorance.

I was there at Club LatinAmerican avec Monsieur Trott, performing bad bar theater in the last century when you were doing something else...

And...hmmm...when I review the HALLOWED ROSTER OF FOUNDING MEMBERS OF PALACE FAMILY STEAK HOUSE in January 2005...I see no "Anu" on that list...maybe you had something better to do that night, like washing the cat or catching a re-run of MASH...

Your "history" of Boomers, Whigs and Dot Commers merely indicates that you and your confrere Mr. Bush have no interest in facts and history. Which is extremely unfortunate.

I, on the other hand, was there in the Brilliant company of Gambling P, CD Player and The Trott...rather than "dissing" your "elders" you might seek wisdom from I have from Gambling P and Mr. Trott.

I wish you the best with your endeavors! May you take PFSH to greater heights -- but please -- do not forget the Past -- cherish IT!

Charles BOX Daddy
Founding Member of PFSH, GNABO and Right Hand Man to the Gambling Poet

6:40 AM, June 07, 2007
 Trott said...

Gentlemen, please! This thread is TEARING THE STEAK HOUSE APART!

9:27 AM, June 07, 2007
 cbd said...

Let it be said very clearly: I esteem Mr. Kirk's contribution to American culture and his participation in PFSH. I wish him well.

I merely find his remarks to be somewhat misguided -- but I hasten to add -- despite efforts to change it -- this IS a free country. I welcome dissenting opinions; however, in the spirit of PFSH, I always reserve the right to submit an irrelevant and grandstanding statement (sprinkled with invective) in repsonse...

I remain -- the servant of a Gambling Lyricist,


11:34 AM, June 07, 2007
 Trott said...

Ah yes, Charles BOX Daddy in all his bipolar glory. I miss you so. I saw some tedious movie called The Pervert's Guide To Cinema or something like that. It was really a forum for Zizek, not really much about perversity, and only about cinema as far as it could serve as a subject for Zizek to riff on. I kept thinking, "This navel-gazing exercise would be infinitely more gratifying if I could discuss it with the BOX!"

1:39 PM, June 07, 2007
 C BOX D said...

"Bipolar Glory" -- I may use that...or I suggest that Gambling P create an epic trilogy based on it...

I'm tempted to rattle off more material...

It really is just that if you don't have strong opinions about stupid and useless stuff -- one must ask: why are we here?

It's easy to get worked up about real problems, but it takes a special person to get excited about the layout of someone else's blog and the comments section of said blog.

In other words: I am living Free and High.

6:54 AM, June 08, 2007
 Trott said...

cBd: I'm surprised to see you argue that people need to get more worked up about stupid stuff and not about real issues. I would think that you would want people to get more worked up about U.S. foreign policy and less worked up about American Idol. Perhaps I misunderstand.

11:29 AM, June 08, 2007

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