Wednesday, July 04, 2007

What Are You Waiting For?! (9 Down, 21 To Go)

Posted by Trott

Amy Martin's cover art (above) is awesome.
So is yours.
Give it to me.
I need 21 more artists to create artwork for the 30-Second Soundcheck Single. You know you want to join the fine ranks of these esteemed artists:
  1. Andrew Goldfarb
  2. Chip Dalby
  3. Becky Zlotnik & Lily Hawryluk
  4. Hugo Mukkulainen & Max Mukkulainen
  5. Amy Martin
  6. Anu Kirk
  7. Warren Teagarden
  8. Pleen
  9. Rani Goel
What are you waiting for? Drop me a line (use the "Contact Us" link over to the right there) or post in the comments that you're interested.

[What is this all about, you ask? Hey, where have you been? I'm going to sell each of 30 copies of the "30-Second Soundcheck Song" with 30 different original pieces of art as the cover. After that, no more copies to be sold ever! All proceeds will go to charity. We can raise at least 85 cents with this project! Now you know. Get involved!]


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