Wednesday, July 04, 2007

PFSH.Com Project Updates And Comments

Posted by Trott

30-Second Soundcheck Single Project: I have received the artwork from four artists so far. I have eight artists volunteering their artwork. I'll probably start pushing this project a bit harder once I post one or two of the singles with artwork to eBay later this month.

District-By-District Project: 7 districts down, 4 districts to go (including District 4, currently represented by Ed Jew!). I've got a few possibilities for some of the districts we haven't yet played. If they don't pan out by the end of July, I'll go to plan B which will involve performing guerrilla style. Actually, I'll probably go that route no matter what.

Comments on recent things discussed on PFSH.Com:

Commutation of Libby's Prison Sentence: I had nothing to say about this, but the Gambling Poet posted about it. Here are some of the more interesting things I've read on the topic:Bicyclists vs. Motorists: There's no shortage of jerkfaces in this city (San Francisco) whether they are on two wheels or four wheels. Soon after my recounting of a particularly stupid and obnoxious motorist verbally assaulting a law-abiding and courteous cyclist (i.e., me), the Gambling Poet used an expletive to describe people who cycle on sidewalks. Around the same time, a stop-sign running cyclist nearly flattened me while I was walking through a crosswalk. And I guess no one will be surprised that when I beeped (and I mean a little beep, not a big honk) my horn at a cyclist who ran a stop sign when I had the right of way, he gave me the finger. (Uh, gee, thanks jackass. If it wasn't for the fact that I was aware that that road was a busy cycle route, I might not have even thought to look for some moron blasting through the intersection with complete disregard for the stop sign and I might have hit and killed your braindead ass.) In short, I hate everyone no matter what you are driving/riding. (Don't even get me started on taxi drivers.)



 The Gambling Poet said...

I am over my tantrum. I do not care about the administration's pardon, er, commutation of Libby (even though he did rat out an American undercover operative during a time of war, when other citizens are said to be undermining the working troops at for expressing opinions on policy). I was feeling sorry for Paris.

I hate it when I have to take Paris's side over against Sarah Silverman. And I sort of feel bad for those Turks Libby got tortured and killed.

8:10 AM, July 05, 2007

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